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Double-deck Waterproof Multi-pocket School Backpack

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Double-deck Waterproof Multi-pocket School Backpack Unisex College Schoolbag

Backpack Details:
Capacity: 15-20 Litres
Dimensions: 32CM x 20CM x43CM (12.59 x7.87 x16.92 Inches)

This backpack is large enough for all your folders and books, to have you ready to learn in class and look sharp in the schoolyard.
It boasts a number of inner and outer pockets to keep all your valuables, your laptop and your optional dead frog keyring secure.
Did we mention it has an optional frog keyring? Impress your parents and add a bit of extra intrigue to your schoolyard style with this awesome keychain.
The bag is available in five different colours, so you can match the color you want to the style you have.